The Governors Frustration.

Republican Governor Dave Heineman of Nebraska came to power in January of 2005 upon Governor Mike Johanns appointment as secretary of Agriculture upon request from President George W. Bush.

Since 2005 the Governor of Nebraska has had a legislature in which he has had power over but in 2011 the state legislature stood up to the governor and set its own agenda.

The legislature almost for the first time in Nebraska convened itself for a special session to stop the planned route of the Keystone XL Pipeline, forcing the governor to call a special session in November of 2011.

This election cycle is an intense battle for Nebraska’s legislature, and for Nebraska’s up for grabs US Senate seat. Governor Heineman has stated he is watching legislative races closely across the state as he wants a legislature he can control.

Currently Governor Heineman is the most popular governor in the country, he has two more years in office and will be the states longest-serving governor of 10 years when his term ends in 2014.

Currently there are 15 Democrats in the non-partisan legislature of the 49 seats, 8 are bared by term limits or up for reelection this year.

A recent study out shows that Nebraska’s tax system is out dated because with all the tax breaks, subsidies, and so forth the state has an expenditure of $4.4 billion when the state only brings in $3.3 billion in revenue annually.

In my opinion I hope the Governor doesn’t get a legislature he can control. During a year when state taxes are on the table.


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