A Greener America.

The United States in 2011 had an energy consumption rate of 97.5 quadrillion Btu the following will show the percentage of consumption by source.

  1. Petroleum 36%
  2. Natural Gas 25%
  3. Coal 20%
  4. Nuclear 8%
  5. Renewable 9%
  • Hydropower 35%
  • Wood 22%
  • Biofuels 21%
  • Biomass Waste 5%
  • Wind 13%
  • Geothermal 2%
  • Solar 1%

In total renewable energies only accounted for some 9 quadrillion btu’s now personally I think the United States could do way better than that by 2020

I think Wind Should account for 25% of all energy used in the US, Solar 15%, Geothermal 5%, biomass 25%, and that we should begin lowering the amount of coal, petroleum, and natural gas we burn, to create a greener energy independent United States, that isn’t at the mercy of Arab nations with all the oil, and the public learns to recycle and to reuse things we’ve already used so that we can save our planets valuable natural resources that are disappearing at a very alarming rate, and with the US, China, and India, accounting for pretty much 75% of Global energy use, then it’s time the US, steps up and show’s that it can lead in something more than just a protocol, that it can be the leader of renewable energies, electric cars, and bring an end to fossil fuels.


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  1. Bart says:

    While laudable, the goal of energy self-sufficiency isn’t the right one. The goal should be worldwide energy balance by reduction, but even that isn’t enough…it needs to be on ALL fronts, like fresh and salt water consumption and utilization, food and edible resources, and even wild space as opposed to urban sprawl. Sadly, none of that is likely to come about as long as we keep getting ever more people on this planet. No matter how much we cut back our consumption of anything and everything, the sheer numbers of births will overtake us all.

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