What!!!, Nebraskan’s Don’t pay taxes!!!!!!

In a recent report it has been found that 38.9% of Nebraskan’s don’t owe federal income tax, shocking right?Well here’s how the break down of how it all goes,

66% of workers pay payroll tax now we get to those who are tax exempt as Mitt Romney likes to claim 47% of people don’t pay taxes well here’s those who don’t owe federal taxes in Nebraska

  1. Elderly 20%
  2. Not working due to Illness or Disability 6%
  3. Students 3%
  4. Other ( includes early retirees, and those who are unable to find work) 5%

The 38.9% is a smaller number than the 47% claimed by Mitt Romney, Nebraska also has the second lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 3.8% second only to North Dakota, so for President Obama’s failed economic plans sure is funny Nebraskan’s were able to stay alive, through these troubling times, even now with a very extreme drought farmers are benefiting more because the insurance claims they collect are more than they have lost in crop production.

All shocking statistics I know, who would have thought all this action happens in Little old Nebraska, with a population next to nothing.


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