Reforming the United States Congress

After Franklin D. Roosevelt won four consecutive presidential terms, congress passed a constitutional amendment barring anyone from serving more than two consecutive terms, and no more than ten years maximum as President of the United States. The Congress thought it would lead to one man having too much power, and in a sense they were right, but how come no one has ever gotten it through congress to restrain the members of congress to term limits.

Let’s look at Paul Ryan he has represented Wisconsin’s first congressional district since January 3, 1999, that’s almost fourteen years, he has a net worth of $7.8 million, not bad for a politician that just looks pretty and smiles for the camera right? Well while he is sitting on capitol hill doing absolutely nothing he collects a $175,000 budget, plus great healthcare coverage, a nice housing allowance, money to pay back student loans, he is also head of the House Budget Committee.

While one in every six american’s is living below the poverty line, that’s 46.2 million american’s struggling because of the recession, and the slowly growing economy and when the average American can’t even find a job making $7.25 an hour in some states, you have 535 members of congress sitting on a hill collecting a nice tax payer funded salary.

I suggest the American people push for congressional reform and place a term limit of two consecutive terms on the Senate that’s 12 years in office, and four consecutive terms in office for members of the House that’s a total of 8 years. On top of their rather large salaries the Senate last year had a budget of $936 million, and the House a budget of $1.4 billion, their largest in history.

Here is a list of the most corrupt members of Congress, mind you these people still have their job, but if you or I did half the things these people do we would probably face 20 to 45 years in a federal, or state prison.

  1. Rep Rob Andrews D-NJ
  2. Rep Tim Bishop D-NY
  3. Rep Paul Broun R-GA
  4. Rep Vern Buchanan R-FL
  5. Rep Michael Grimm R-NY
  6. Rep Greg Meeks D-NY
  7. Rep Laura Richardson D-CA
  8. Rep David Rivera R-FL
  9. Rep Hal Rogers R-KY
  10. Rep Cliff Stearns R-FL
  11. Sen David Vitter R-LA
  12. Rep Don Young R-AK

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