The Governor on Tax Reform.

Since the Legislative session of 2012, failed to give Governor Heineman the tax relief he wanted for the states middle class, and didn’t get rid of the state inheritance tax, the governor has been looking for ways to clean up and better the state’s tax code.

The last few weeks the governor has been protesting the use of county funds on the construction of a project in which the state gave $50 million to, because he said there weren’t supposed to be any taxpayer funds used in construction at least that’s what he thought when he signed the bill to give the University the funds to help build its new cancer research center, now that Douglas county has agreed to give it $5 million in  county in inheritance tax.

Governor Heineman has failed to get ride of the Inheritance tax, last legislative session, now he says it’s going to be completely removed after this next legislative session, which is why he’s watching legislative races because he hopes he will get a legislature that bows to his wish’s, rather than an independent one, that thinks on its own, which is what happened this year, ever since the legislature almost called itself during the Trans-Canada, keystone XL pipeline last year.

So let’s hope if the governor can come up with a way to give Lancaster county back the $8 million in collected in inheritance tax this year, otherwise it will have to raise property tax on a house valued at $100,000 by $43 dollars and a house of $150,000 in value by $63.50 and Lincoln residents weren’t to happy when the city had to raise their property tax value this last year, so that would really make the city very unhappy.


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