Washington Waste

January 2012

  • Total Waste $375,014,500
  • Congress’s gift shops losing money
  • Grant recipients charged the EPA for her family’s personal cellphone plan and rent for her own trailer
  • A single government department has 700 different cell phone plans
  • Attorney charged the Department of Housing and Urban Development $1,417 for attending a party and more than $300 an hour for apparently doing nothing
  • Detroit mismanaged tens of millions of federal dollars intended to aid the poor, including wasting nearly $200,000 on office furniture and over $12 million on questionable salaries
  • Solar power company that received millions of dollars in government loans and tax breaks lays off employees
  • A secure, interoperable radio network that the Department of Justice has been working on for more than a decade and that has cost the agency $356 million headed for failure, leaving the agency with obsolete radio equipment that doesn’t communicate well with other radio systems which could pose a threat to public safety
  • Wild Wines of Jacksonville and Southern Oregon Winery Association receive federal business development assistance from USDA

February 2012

  • Total Waste $3,775,054,000

The Port of Los Angeles, which has received $23.5 million in federal stimulus money, spent almost $200,000 on a party featuring dancers, nearly 200 bottles of wine, and even miniature Oscars

Federal funds intended to keep “at-risk” youths in Newark off the streets spent on “suspicious payments” including taking visitors from Bermuda to restaurants, the movies, shopping trips, bowling, and a professional basketball game 

Alaska residents fear eminent domain may be used to take away their homes and property to build the Bridge to Nowhere 

Prisoners in Maryland had access to Social Security numbers which they used to entered claims for payments from physicians from Medicaid 

IRS sends a prisoner who filed a bogus tax return a refund check for $327,456 to correctional facility

Earmarks to make a comeback? Bipartisan agreement among Washington politicians for a return to pork barrel politics

Making bus shelters in Oregon town more decorative and artistic increases the cost 35 percent; “The nicer they are makes more people want to use public transportation,” says assistant city manager

Battery manufacturer which received more than $118 million in stimulus funds from the Department of Energy has file for bankruptcy 

Developer receivers a $50,000 federal grant to pay for renovation of a Mississippi shopping center 

More than $1 million will be spent to preserve an abandoned train station; The last passenger train runs ended in 1968

March 2012

  • Total Waste $72,059,810

$1 million lottery winner who bought a new home and car receiving food stamps; “I thought that they would cut me off, but since they didn’t, I thought maybe it was okay because I’m not working.” 

Part of an $11 million grant intended to provide business attire to 400 low-income job-seekers helped only two people

Congressional staff receive pay bonuses

Detroit paying city employees overtime to go on a spending spree with federal cash; The city has accumulated nearly $70 million in unspent community development and if it isn’t spent, the city risks not get as much money in future years

Party in the USDA: Agriculture Secretary kicks off department’s 150th anniversary the commemoration and USDA field offices across the country will celebrate all year 

Massachusetts anti-poverty agency misspent up to $224,110 in federal grants, including pay to top exec who spent afternoons playing video poker and card games at casino 

USDA rural development grant paying for a gateway arch at the entry of a Oregon town with less than 10,000 residents

Naked Cow Dairy receives USDA grant to promote its cheese even though it doesn’t even have the equipment to make cheese on a commercial-scale

Federal funds pay to give store fronts and building facades in Texas a facelift

In the first three months of 2012, the United States Government wasted $4,222,128,310, while during the entire year, a new report out shows the Top 100 things the Government wasted money on in 2012, in this report, the total amount of waste is alarmingly high at $18,356,124,097. In this report, these are things that don’t create many to no jobs at all, that could be better spent on lowering the Debt, helping balance deficit, or even reinvesting in the economy, in area’s such as Education, Transportation, Infrastructure, Health Care. Not to mention the Automated cuts that will take place on January 2, 2013, totaling some $1.2 Trillion, because of the Super Committees failure to reach an agreement on how to responsibly reduce the deficit, and debt.


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