Getting to know me better.

Some people who have read my blog have pointed out that what I write doesn’t really let people get to know more about me as a person. Well I want to change that, and I think I know a pretty good way to start off this article.

As many of you know, On November the 1st me, my brother and my sister-in-law, got in a rather nasty fight, it has cause immense drama within my family, especially with who get’s to watch my niece Lily from now on. The night ended with me calling my friend in DC, and saying that I was fed up and done with the drama, and bs that come’s from being at home.

So with that I am announcing I am going to Adelaide, South Australia, for a time period of one year, and should I like it there, I may end up moving there, and getting Aussie Citizenship. With this decision though come a lot of thoughts, like what will happen to me medically, well that is going to have to continue being a work in progress as my health is something I’m eventually just going to have to deal with although it’s not always the most pleasant thing to deal with.

But going to Australia, I’m really excited it will be my first trip out of the Untied States, and I will get to aid in issues that are affecting the Australian’s as much as they are the US States. In recent years same-sex marriage has been an increasingly important issue especially to the Australian Labour Party, Prime Minister Gillard, who holds a very small majority relying on a coalition government that at any moment could turn against her, have voted against allowing equal rights to Australian’s regardless of who they love or want to marry. The Aussie state of Tasmania was hoped to be the first to legalize same-sex marriages, but this failed by a small margin in the states upper house.

When I get to Australia, I’m going to be on my own for the first time, I’ll have my friends that I will be staying with to support me and show me around, but a chance to experience a new culture, a new system of government, hopefully be able to see a kangaroo, and those adorable bears we love so much.

The only thing I’m afraid of is the time that I will not spend my niece growing up as I’ve helped raise her ever since she was born, this summer when I went to Washington D.C. She treated me as though I had abandoned her, and I can tell you that really hurt, other than my mom, she is the biggest thing I’ll miss, yes of course there’s my friends, and Lincoln, Nebraska is home, but the question I’ll have to face in the next year is, Do I really want to remain in Lincoln, Nebraska, start a political career, or do I belong somewhere else doing the thing I love helping people.

Well I can gladly say that no matter where I go on this planet there will always be new things to learn, new people to meet, and people who will always need my help. So no matter wear this winding road may take me, I know I’ll always have something to discover.


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