In my life I have come to love people on many levels some as boyfriends and yes even one  girlfriend. I have friends that I would do anything just to see them smile, I have a family that although is always fighting that would be there if ever I needed something.
Many of us claim we know what love is and that we have found it at least once or twice in our lives.
But how do we know love is an affection of the heart? I mean that is the biggest thing you notice when dealing with love, but could it really be a chemical in our brain that attracts us to one another?
Love is about more than a eight letter phrase. Its about being with that person and knowing that you will do everything in your power to be with that person, to grab their hand in public, kiss them in front of your friends, a person you can wrap your arms with at night and cuddle together on a cold night.
I thought I found my true love once just like in the story books who knows a twist of fate could see us together again. We also have the people who we think we love, but they do not love us the same in return. Its not about how much you can spend or give someone as those are just things of your affection, but to give yourself is the best way to show someone your love. Hey i’m only 19 I don’t expect to find ever lasting love at my age, or maybe i’ve already found it only time will tell.
Love is a truly wonderful thing so once you have it do all in your power to keep it.


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  1. Paul says:

    Very true – thanks for writing this and you should check out my Facebook Page on Love:

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