2013 A Year to Remember?

As many of you know, I have just a few days left in Nebraska, as I pack up my things for a life long journey that will change my life forever. Within the next two weeks I will be arriving in Washington D.C, seeing old friends, and visiting things I never got to this previous summer.

Once President Barak Obama is inaugurated for the second time, I will then take a 10,000+ mile trip to the land down under and live in Adelaide, South Australia, for a time period of one year, many of you are wondering what could I possibly do in the land down under for a year. Well I’m going to tell you!

I have been researching things pertaining to life in Australia, ranging from the Federal Budget of the Commonwealth, to improving education, tackling police corruption, and even lobbying for same-sex marriage. I have so far written letters to all Federal Members of Parliament from the state of South Australia.

As many of you know this is going to make my efforts in the United States a bit more difficult but I don’t intend to give up on my goals here, I will continue to lobby for the rights of the LGBTQ community, I will not just focus on marriage, I will push for the repeal of the state of Nebraska’s Defense of Marriage Act, or Article 1 Section 29 of the state constitution. I will push for education reform in the United States, along with investing more time and resources into America’s failing infrastructure. Last but not least I will continue to push for greater energy independence for the United States, by investing more in our natural resources, such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy, we will become more energy independent and create a nation, that sets an example for the world not just a country that bosses every other country around whilst doing nothing to take action on advancing the rights and freedoms of its own citizens.

I believe that the foundation we lay today will one day create a better future for us all not just in the United States, but for the entire world. We must remember that no matter what our differences our we can not allow those to separate us any further we are one planet, and one human race. I will continue to influence and do my part to make my future a better place not just for me but those who will come after me, and rather the history books remember it or not, people will remember what I do today.


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