My opinion on the United States being the worlds police force

Everyone know’s that the United States is always getting into everyone else’s war’s, and conflicts, and it’s made the world have a very sour view of the United States. Now that we are entering our 11th year of war in Afghanistan, and sending troops to 35 African nations, I think we should send a small force to train the nation we are supporting’s military. 

Every time the United States sends a troop overseas it costs $1,000,000 per troop, Overseas operations have reached $100 billion in the President’s budget for 2013 this is money that could be invested in the economy, and would help create job growth as once again China, is emerging as a stronger competitor than many american’s want to think. 

We need real action in Congress, and From President Obama, and there are few people addressing the serious issues facing the United States, this is leading to the downfall of a great nation. 


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