Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands Announces Abdication!

Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has said she will abdicate the throne, in favor of her son, Prince Williem-Alexander, as of 30th of April, 2013. After thirty-three years on the Dutch throne, a nation will have it’s first king in over a century. \

The Queens reign has had it’s share of problems, with her second son recently being in a coma for almost the last year, the queen has preformed her duties admirably in the face of such intense pressure, the queen, and the royal family are very popular within the Netherlands.

On 30th of April, 1980, Beatrix became queen, after her mother abdicated, In domestic matters, she has little political say; however, in international relations, the Queen has much more latitude. In 1994, the Minister of Foreign Affairs announced in the States-General that a Dutch embassy in Jordan had been opened at her request.

On 6 October 2002, the Queen’s husband, Prince Claus, died after a long illness. A year and a half later, her mother died after long suffering from senile dementia, while her father succumbed to cancer in December 2004.

Queen Beatrix is rarely quoted directly in the press, since the government information service (Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst) makes it a condition of interviews that she may not be quoted. This policy was introduced shortly after her inauguration, reportedly to protect her from political complications that may arise from “off-the-cuff” remarks. It does not apply to her son Prince Willem-Alexander.

On 8 February 2005, Queen Beatrix received a rare honorary doctorate from Leiden University, an honour the Queen does not usually accept. In her acceptance speech she reflected on the monarchy and her own 25 years as queen. The speech was broadcast live.On 29 April and 30 April 2005, she celebrated the 25th anniversary of her reign. She was interviewed on Dutch television, was offered a concert on Dam Square in Amsterdam, and a celebration took place in The Hague, the country’s seat of government.

Assassination attempt on the Royal Family

On 30 April 2009, the queen and many senior members of the royal family were targeted in a car attack by a man called Karst Tates. Tates crashed his car into a parade in Apeldoorn, narrowly missing a bus carrying the queen. Five people were killed instantly and two victims and the assailant Tates died later. Other victims of the crash were in a critical life threatening situation. One week after the attack another victim succumbed to the injuries he had sustained. The royal party were unharmed, but the queen and members of her family saw the crash at close range and were visibly shaken. Within hours, Queen Beatrix made a rare televised address to express her shock and condolences. The man apparently told police he was deliberately targeting the royal family.


The official programme for the abdication and investiture will take place on 30 April 2013. The Queen will sign the Instrument of Abdication at the Royal Palace, Amsterdam. The investiture of Willem-Alexander as king will then take place at the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. In an announcement broadcast on national media on 28 January 2013, Beatrix announced her intention to abdicate on 30 April (Queen’s Day), when she will have been on the throne for exactly 33 years. Beatrix stated that it was time to “place the responsibility for the country in the hands of a new generation.” Her heir apparent is her eldest son, Prince Willem-Alexander. She will be the third successive Dutch monarch to abdicate the throne, following her grandmother and her mother. The broadcast was followed by a statement from Prime Minister Mark Rutte who paid tribute to Beatrix, saying “Since her investiture in 1980 she has applied herself heart and soul for Dutch society.”

Personal wealth

In 2009, Forbes estimated her wealth at US$300 million.

This is the Translated Speech of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix Announcing her Abdication

“As you all know, in a few days I hope to celebrate my 75th birthday. I am thankful that i have been Granted the opportunity to do so in good health. At the end of this year marks the 200th anniversary Shall we or the foundation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, an occasion That Ushered in a new era in our history. The Fact That thesis two special events coincide led me to decide to relinquish the throne this year. It seems to me to be an ‘appropriate time to take this step, All which I have been considering for some time.

I have always Regarded it as an exceptional privilege to have been bootable to dedicate a large part of my life to the service of our country and to have been bootable to discharge the duties of the monarchy as I was called to do. For many years Prince Claus was a great support to me in this task.

Throughout this time I have derived great satisfaction from fulfilling Such a role. It is inspiring to feel close to people, to sympathise with them in times of sorrow and to share in times of joy and national pride. That has leg Also my experience in the Caribbean parts of our Kingdom, where I have always Encountered great warmth and hospitality. So I am not abdicating Because my duties are becoming too burden-some, but because i am Convinced That it’s time for the responsibility for our country to pass to a new generation. On 30 April this year, with the Utmost confidence, I shall hand over the duties of the monarchy to my son, the Prince of Orange. He and Princess Máxima are fully prepared for Their future role. They will serve our country with dedication, faithfully uphold the Constitution and use their many talents to discharge the duties of the monarchy in Their Own distinctive way.

I feel fortified by the knowledge That making way for my successor does not mean that i am taking my leave of you all. I hope still to have plenty of opportunities to meet many of you. I am deeply grateful to you for the trust you have placed in me That Throughout the many rewarding years I have had the privilege of being your Queen.”


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