A New Chapter Starts in My Life.

Yesterday I was given some rather upsetting news, I was told that I was needed back in Lincoln, Nebraska, my home city, by the 4th of April. It’s been a rather rough day and an even harder decision because while I love the freedom I have here in DC, Nebraska will be a place that seem’s more and more empty to me as I get older.

Two months ago when I came back to Washington, D.C. I wasn’t much different then I was when I left Lincoln, for the second time. Now that I am heading home I know I have become a different person while living, and working in my nation’s capitol. Since having a job, I have gained freedom’s that not a lot of people can share in, even if it is just a part time job, every hour is money in my pocket. 

When I return back to Nebraska, on the 31st of March, I will go home leaving a part of me behind in a city I have come to fall in love with. But most of all I will miss the people I have come to know in the last two months, because it’s those people who have made living in DC a memorable experience for me, even if I only chilled with a select few they each had a very distinctive part to play in how my life has been shaped over the last two months, and how it will continue to be shaped throughout the rest of my life. 

But going home isn’t full of depressing issue’s, there is a light at the end of this tunnel it has been almost three years since I have dropped out of Public School, due to serious health issue’s that prevented me from attending class frequently, once I get home I will work on getting my GED, and starting some college courses in Political Science, Economics, Business, and Law. 

I will also continue to fight for the Nebraskan’s who don’t have a voice in our state government working to create a state in which discrimination, and hate become things of the past. While many of my friends think change will never come, I have this to say to them, you may be right, but you must also remember that change doesn’t always happen overnight, it takes year’s, decades, and sometimes centuries for law’s to catch up with the time. 

While we may not always agree with what life  throw’s at us, we must always attempt to find the positive’s in every situation even the bleakest one’s that seem so hopeless. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. chloroformdk says:

    Well Chris whereever you go, is a place blessed with your appearance. Tho I thought you were going down under, im sure that there are still stuff for you in Nebraska, even if it feels empty to you. Fight on, be strong and dont let the assholes win 🙂

  2. Gonzalo says:

    Cheer up dear! There’s a whole fantastic future ahead… Hope you are fine.
    Love u…

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