My Coming Out Story.

As many of you know, I am an openly gay adolescent, I’m very engaged in politics, and I’m a great representative of the people who have difficulties coming out themselves. But I wanted to take a minute to tell you all about my coming out story.

Ever since I was a little kid, I knew I was different, I was always more affectionate, and such with guys, then I have ever been with a girl, I mean let’s face it I dated someone from 4th grade, all the way to seventh grade and I only ever kissed her a handful of times at best. While I can’t explain why I am attracted to guys, I can say that I am a much better person, now that I have been out for several years.

The first person in my family to ever find out was my former step mother because she read it on my Myspace, info, and she called me bright and early and said I seen your information that you like guys, and she asked me if anyone else in the family knew and I told her know to my surprise she never outed me to anyone else not even my father.

My mother only found out because she is so damn nosy and will read anything she finds, she had the hardest time dealing with it, it took her several years to shift her stance on issues relating to the homosexual’s, now that I think about it my family used to be largely homophobic, I would always here fag, and queer, and other offensive terms but once my family knew that I was officially out that died down for the most part.  It’s always best to see how people change once they know a real gay person that is very close to them.

My father on the other hand wasn’t bad at all, it all started one summer night when I was spending the summer with my dad in Missouri, my step mom had taken me and my step-sister’s to Barns & Noble and she purchased me a book called the new gay teenager, that contained many facts, and statistics regarding the LGBTQ youth of today. My dad was furious when he found the book, he yelled at my step mom and demanded that she take it back. Only she never did she told me to put it in my bag, and so I did.

When I met Kevin, he was the sweetest and cutest guy ever, we talked on the phone all the time, and what led to me telling my dad was an argument about why me and Kevin couldn’t be in the same room alone, and he flat out asked me if I was gay and I said yeah dad I am, and he said well that’s fine, it’s your choice.

This is where this blog is going to get dicey. I don’t think to many people are 100% straight because there is always instances to where a person of the same-sex either develops feelings for the same-sex, and or completes a sexual act with a person of the same-sex, so I personally think that we are all bisexual to a point, some of us just have stronger feelings towards one sex. I’ve also noticed that the people of my generation don’t usually like labels, we just want to be accepted as human beings, not because of who we love.

I know this story isn’t as bad as some of your stories, but it was still a very big moment in my life, and I would love to hear your stories along!


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  1. DJ says:

    That was a nice read Chris. Regarding your last part; the Kinsey institute has suggested there are six degrees of sexuality. It’s a good read on wikipedia on very informative on their website.

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