America the Land in Which my Generation Will Inherit

I have only been on this earth some two decades, but in that time I have come to see sorrow, regret- devastation on a world wide level- and the rise of extreme radicalism grapple the world.

But I have also seen hope  and the compassion human’s are capable of giving.

My generation to take advantage of a democracy that we were born into.

The older generations remember Pearl Harbor  and the wars that followed whereby my generation will come to refer to the attacks of September 11th, 2001, as the Pearl Harbor of our generation.

Since that bright September day we have seen our very civil rights infringed upon as increasingly freedom of speech is censored and government no longer works for the people that grant it their consent to be governed.

The American people must again take action to fight to preserve the common right’s our forefathers fought for so many years ago.

My generation will inherit, a nation crippled with debt, a nation whose government ignores the needs of those consented.

America once stood as the beacon of hope for billions around the globe. Today it is a nation filled with arrogance and many of us know nothing of the sacrifices those before us gave to get us to where we are today.

The generation I was born into is vain- filled with greed and deception, and has no idea what it means to have the rights many of us take for granted on a daily basis.

The American educational system is slipping into a steep decline as emerging countries begin to take over the lead in ideas that will shape the world of tomorrow.

America’s healthcare system is a system in which caters only to the need of those that can afford it. Healthcare should not be a privilege that only the wealthiest can afford.

America’s roads, bridges, interstates, airports- the very infrastructure that connects us all to one another,  is crumbling around us just like the government along with the ideals that the United States once stood for.

Our forefathers fought to rid this nation of oppression and tyranny from abroad. They fought to keep this country united and from the ashes of that war built a stronger and more resilient nation.

Since September 11th, 2001, the United States has become a police state where the government has become so out of touch that those it is supposed to represent it overlooks or ignores and nothing is done to improve the lives of the middle and poorer citizens.  The government has since become so concerned with what happens in other nations that it ignores the concerns of its own people in its own backyard.

If my nation and all that it has come to represent in its two hundred and thirty seven years of existence we must create a state of the art education system that propels humanity into the 21st century,.

Another example would be that we must force pharmaceutical companies to see that it is better to find cures and not customers. We must create a state of the art healthcare system that grants everyone, regardless of personal wealth, the same treatment and care .

We must fix our failing infrastructure and we must tackle an out of control debt that is going to cripple my generation,.

We must reform a tax code that makes all pay their fair share creating a tax code that isn’t built upon the back of the lower and middle classes.

We must regulate Wall Street  and not allow it to regulate our government.

We must take a different stance in international issues, a stance that isn’t focused on the prospect of flexing our military might.


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