A Detailed Biography About Me!

1.) How old were you when you first knew you were gay and what made you think this?
I first thought I was gay back in 3rd or 4th grade playing the game MASH, which you would use, a numerical sequence to find who you where, to end up with. I chose four guys from my class, Zach, Jon, Ricky, and Christian.

2.) Did you fight it or deny it? If so, why?
I only denied it, to my mother, because I did not think she could handle having a gay son, and I was right. The day she found out, she was going through my notebook for a piece of paper, when she saw a note, I was righting to my friends with benefits Austin. She was pissed, and kept telling herself I’m not gay it’s just a phase.

3.) Do your friends accept or reject your orientation? Explain please.
My friends both accepted, and rejected me for being openly gay. They accepted me by saying that your gay that’s awesome, they respected the fact that I was open about it. People rejected me because they didn’t want me hitting on them please I have better taste then that. To this day there are people who both accept, and reject me for who I am, but I will not change just to make them happy, and if that means we can’t be friends anymore then so be it. 

4.) Do you parents accept or reject your orientation? Explain please.
They accept me for who I am. My dad, didn’t have as much of a problem as my mom did. While we were discussing a book that my step mother had purchased for me, called the New Gay Teenager, my dad bitched and wanted me to take the book back, and he even went to the point of telling my step mom to take it back, I said no and we got in an argument about the book, and my ex who lived in KC, so I was  pissed off one night and then he asked me Well are you gay, I said yes dad I am, and he said ok. My mom, it took a couple years to accept the idea, she didn’t want me to be gay, but when she realized that I was happy being who I was she finally, gave up and accepted the fact.

5.) Is it safe at your school to be out? Or do you feel safe at your school?
Yes I had, friends from every walk of the social sphere we call High School, everyone accepted me, and said if I ever needed help, to come to them and they would have my back. I’m sure with out that it would have been a lot harder for me to fit it at school, but along with my friends accepting me I also, was never shy of who I was, and am as a person today.

6.) Although you may have a No Tolerance Policy at your school, are there some who still do not accept you for who you are? Explain please.
Yes, there will always be people no matter where you go in your life that will not accept that you are gay. I still had people call me a faggot, a queer, I didn’t care, I had a little response I told all of them that said that, I would say “ I may be gay, but I’m not about to give you the time of day to stop and hit on you”

7.) Have you ever been in a relationship? Explain please.
I have been in many relationships, both local, and Long distance, I find both of them to work. When I date someone locally, yes you have the privilege of seeing them whenever you want, to have sex, to hug, cuddle, go to movies, etc. But with a long distance one, you have the anticipation stored up for when you do finally see, your bf, you can’t help but not want to do everything with them. When it’s time to say goodbye, it is much more harder, as William Shakespear said “ parting seems to be such sweet sorrow” he was right.

8.) What age were you when you first had a sexual experience? (Optional) What was involved?
When I first had a sexual experience, It was the day of my 14th birthday with my first real bf Joe, he gave me a bj, and I gave him one. Since then I have had 4 years of sexual experience, I have done phone sex, sending nude pictures to hot guys, for a quick jerk. 

9.) Have you ever contemplated suicide? If so, explain please.
I have contemplated suicide, but not because I was gay. I wanted to commit suicide because I couldn’t stand my family, all the fighting, drugs, and hatred that my family expresses, it becomes over bearing at times. But I never did anything more then cut my arms. I have always said to myself, killing myself wont make my life better. I have instead picked up the battle cry and began fighting for civil rights in Nebraska, and helping those who feel the same way I did once.

10.) What do you think about God?
I believe god exist, and that there is a Heaven, and Hell. But I don’t believe what the bible says, that homosexuality is a sin, that god doesn’t love us for being sinners. I feel the bible is just man’s hatred written down over the centuries, to express certain people’s views of a certain group of people, lets not forget that homosexuality has been around since the dawn of man, it wasn’t uncommon, in Roman, or Greek society, to have sexual relations with people younger then you. I believe that god loves all his children and that we aren’t, judged by who we love in life.

Chris Dyer.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kaitlin Flynn says:

    I love that we liked the same guys!! Lol I love you, Chris! You are sooo strong minded!!! I believe one day, if not already, you’ll move mountains! ❤ You give our generation hope for the future!!

    1. chrisdyer02 says:

      First thank you for reading my blog I didn’t think you did 🙂 2nd I wouldn’t be half the person I am today if it weren’t for my friend’s that I have spent my whole life growing up with like you! While I may inspire we all have a role no matter how small it may seem to help make our generation and the next, better than those before ❤

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