Congress Deals Devastating Blow to America’s Weakest.

On Tuesday, President Obama lade out a very progressive agenda to combat income inequality in the United States. Today out of peer spite the Congress passed a Farm Bill that has been delayed for over two years. That seem’s great and all doesn’t it, but that’s where your wrong. 

The passage of this $956bn bill not only gives $7bn in corporate welfare to wealthy farms, while taking more from the small family owned farms, it cuts $8.6bn from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program better known as Food Stamps over a five year period. That doesn’t seem like much right? Well in November $5bn of a larger $11bn cut took place due to the end of stimulus financing. 

One in seven american’s depend on the program, it helps close to 40 million American’s. People on the program can expect to see as much as a $90 decrease in benefits per month if the legislation becomes law. While the bill does do some to aid food banks, and other small things, it is a bill that was crafted and passed by the tea party having some 86 democrats support the legislation as well. 

A growing number of employed people are now forced to seek assistance from the program as most jobs created in today’s economy are fast food jobs that pay minimum wage, and or low wage jobs that make it difficult for people to live off. President Obama spoke of increasing the minimum wage, and bringing workplace equality to the million’s of women in our work force, but if he signs this legislation he will be going against everything he laid out in his State of the Union. Stand with me and urge President Obama to veto this legislation and to send a clear message to Congress, cut tax subsidies for those who can afford it, not place a bigger burden on the already struggling and failing middle and lower classes of this country. 


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  1. It is patently obvious to any student of history that there is only so much abuse of power that the people will tolerate. The strange thing in the U.S. is that the opposing forces to the regime of abominable authority is divided into factions of corruption without any of them listening to the pleas about the human condition, let alone the horrors created by political and personal opportunism.

    That so many think it is necessary for the rich to be the beneficiaries of depriving the middle and lower classes is an outrage that really must be addressed.

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