Greece’s Economic pledges to Europe.

Fiscal structural policies

Tax policies

  • Broaden the definition of tax fraud and evasion, making it harder to avoid taxes
  • Improve the collection of VAT, fighting evasion using technology
  • Create “a new culture of tax compliance” to make sure that all sections of society – particularly the wealthy – “contribute fairly to the financing of public policies”
  • Work with European and international partners to establish a database that helps tax authorities assess the veracity of previous income tax returns

Public spending

  • Work towards improving the efficiency of central and local government departments
  • Identify cost-saving measures through a thorough spending review of every ministry, reorganizing non-salary and non-pension expenditures which account for “an astounding 56% of total public expenditure”
  • Use cross-checking to validate benefits to “help identify non-eligible beneficiaries”
  • Control health expenditure and improve medical services, while granting universal access to healthcare

    Social security

    • Take measures to continue modernizing the pension system, reducing the social and political pressure for early retirement

    Public administration and corruption

    • Make the fight against corruption a national priority
    • Target the smuggling of fuel and tobacco products, and tackle money laundering
    • Activate legislation to ensure that media outlets pay market prices for the broadcast frequencies they use

    Financial Stability

    Installment schemes

    • Improve enforcement methods for collecting unpaid taxes
    • De-criminalize lower income debtors with small liabilities

    Banking and non-performing loans

    • Collaborate with banks to avoid auctions of the main residence of households that are below a certain income threshold, while “punishing strategic defaulters”
    • Take measures to support the most vulnerable households, and modernize bankruptcy laws

      Policies to promote growth

      Privatization and public asset management

      • Commit not to roll back privatizations that have been completed, and to respect tender processes that have already been launched
      • Review privatizations that have not yet been launched with a view to maximizing the state’s long-term benefits

      Labor market reforms

      • Phase in “a new ‘smart’ approach to collective wage bargaining that balances the need for flexibility with fairness”
      • Over time, to raise the minimum wage in a manner that safeguards competitiveness and employment prospects


      • Maintain the institutional independence of Greece’s statistical agency, ensuring that it has adequate resources and that its next president is chosen in a transparent manner

        Humanitarian crisis

        • Address needs arising from the recent rise in absolute poverty though measures such as food stamps
        • Evaluate a pilot minimum income scheme, with a view to extending it nationwide
        • Ensure that the fight against the humanitarian crisis does not have a negative effect on the finances

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