Is Pope Francis Weakening the Papacy?

Popes Francis has the power to rule by decree instead he chooses to proceed with reforms not by dictating to others but by asking others such as the Curia how the church should adapt. A risky move as the pope attempts to reform the corrupt Vatican bureaucracy that has long plagued the Catholic Church. Has Francis weekend the powers of the Papacy or has he modernized the ancient office to reflect the times?

On 13, March, 2015 Pope Francis celebrated his second year as pontiff. The pope has been seen as the great reformer for his quick ability to reform the Vatican Bank, but his progress of reform has begun to slow down as Francis faces starch opposition from the Roman Curia.

Francis has instituted a series of checks and balances on Vatican institutions for example he appointed a new head of the Vatican Bank, but has limited his powers to ensure that he doesn’t become a corruptible figure. The pope has also created a nine member body of Cardinals to help the pope reform the Roman Curia.


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