Mayor Bowser’s First 100 days.

Muriel E. Bowser approaches her 100th day in office as Mayor of the District of Colombia, in those 100 days her view and priorities for the city are becoming clear.

In her $12.9bn budget for the district for 2016 the mayor laid down some of her priorities targeting issues such as education, affordable housing and homelessness, Metro,as well as fire and emergency medical services. The proposed 3.2% growth in spending is the smallest in five years and closes a $193mn spending gap. By targeting inefficient programs, such as the University of the District of Colombia, for cuts while preserving the middle-class income-tax reduction that went into effect last year.

While formulating her budget Ms. Bowser held a series of hearings to learn what the public sees as the Districts biggest problems. As well as working with council members to fund projects important to them as well. Ms. Bowser has showed she has the Districts interests in mind especially went she went against House Republican’s over Initiative 71 which was a voter approved measure related to the legalization of marijuana.


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