The End of America’s Two Party System.

With the 2016 Presidential election approaching, and the big heavy weights already seeking their parties nomination, I can’t help but notice that the end of America’s draconian two party system is slowly dying out.

This all started back when we witnessed the emergence of the Tea Party, for the first time in a century we witnessed a third radicle party at least in terms of their stances on certain issues. The Republican party has since been divided within itself, as you now have the conservative right, and the moderate right. You can see this same instance happening within the Democratic party as you have people like Sen Elizabeth Warren pushing issues that are on the far left many would consider her to be a socialist, but she is also a big contender for the White House.

Let us not forget about the dominate force in the senate that belongs to neither party, that’s right i’m talking about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the Independent determined to shake the political establishment this country has become so accustomed to.

As gridlock has strangled Washington, millions of American’s continue to struggle, while the rich become wealthier the poor double in number. American’s are angry with both parties and are looking for alternatives, Constitutional reform should be a debate topic for the next President and Congress.


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