My personal view on Islamiphobia in the United States.

Okay I see numerous post all over the internet spewing this venomous rhetoric about Muslims as you assume that they are all terrorist and or support a terrorist group. But not once have I seen you post anything criticizing the white terrorist who have killed more people alone in the last year and a half on American shores then anyone of the numerous known terrorist groups. Where is your anger at those people, where is your condemnation of there actions? Instead you feed into the hypocrisy of the American right, a group of people who would rather destroy and divide this country then ever see us respect one another for our differences and work to build a stronger better society that could better combat the teachings of radicalism, and hate.

Muslims aren’t the only religious group to preach hate, yet you soly condemn them, you want to talk about a real crisis facing this nation let’s talk about the white people who have went on killing sprees in schools full of defenseless children, movie theaters, university campuses, where I ask you is your rage and furry over these issues. These people are just as sick as the terrorist you demonize the only problem is you see them as white and there for they must have a mental condition or were pushed to brink by a traumatic experience, never once do I hear you condemn their actions or demonize them as terrorist. Keep your vile rhetoric to yourself and unless you are willing to condemn every single person regardless of their color or religious beliefs who kills innocents, women, children, blacks, whites, then I suggest you keep your bigoted hypocrisy to yourself as we have far more people preaching hate, and intolerance in this world today them we have people trying to solve the real problems that are all created by man.

The war on drugs has increased the amount of drugs that have entered this country, just as the war on terror has created more extremism, and hatred then it has ever stopped. So I ask you who’s side are you on, the side that turns a blind eye to the atrocities of yesterday while demonizing entire people’s, or the side that seeks to look past your skin color, or your religion to foster peace, love and cooperation amongst the hundreds of different minorities that make up the majority of this nation?


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