Motion of Impeachment.

A motion of Impeachment has been introduced for Brazilian President Dima Rosseff. While a two thirds majority is needed in the lower house to move the vote to Congress, but the president’s popularity has diminished in recent months to as low as 8%.

Despite having won reelection last year the president has been damaged by major coruption scandles. The proceedings were introduced by the speaker of the lower house as Rosseff has been accused of breaking the law during the passage of the budget last year. It’s important to note that the speaker of the lower house is accused of having a  bank account in Switzerland, a committee is deciding  rather to remove the speaker from his position.

Brazil is currently in the midst of the  biggest recession in 25 years,  the president has turned to austerity to help balance the books, cutting important civil servoces, and increasing taxes a move which has sparked much dissatisfaction  with the government.


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