The Rising Sun

Emperor Akihito of Japan gave for the second time in his reign a televised national address to his subjects urging that he no longer feels capible of fulfilling his duties as Emperor.
While the emperor is forced by the pacifist constitution from engaging in any kind of politics this creates a constitutional crisis as Japanese law does not stipulate anything regarding abdicating only that of a regency or the death of the emperor himself.

Akihito has ruled since 1989 when his father Hirihito passed away, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said that his cabinet will work on the necessary legislation but many conservatives in Mr. Abe’s party want no change to current laws.

While a new debate will begin on rather or not an emperor has the right to abdicate the Japanese throne just as the sun rises so to does it set and after more then two decades on the throne many Japanese believe the emperor should be able to retire and relax. 


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