The Purge has Commenced! 

Nearly 82,000 suspended or sacked within the Turkish government after last months failed coup some 5,000 state employees have been sacked and 77,000 suspended as the president tightens his grip on power. 

More then 3, 000 of those sacked were members of the armed forces. The mass suspensions and sackings are suspected to be of links to exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen.

Some believe the coup was a stagger performance to ensure President Erdogan gets what he has long fought for since becoming head of the AKP all those years ago a presidency that has more power, as to where the President is technically just the head of state with largely ceremonial positions and the prime minister heads the government leading the AKP party in the legislative branch of Turkey. 

The news comes as US Vice President Joe Biden is to make a trip to Turkey on the 24th of August, the Prime Minister has said the only way to restore stability with the United States would be to extradite the exiled cleric which so far doesn’t seem to likely. 

The United States has a delicate rope to walk in the aftermath of the coup as US forces and weapons are stationed in Turkey where from Turkish soil the US has conducted raides on the terrorist group ISIS, losing access to this strategic point would be a blow to US Defensive statigy for the Middle East in the ongoing battle to eradicate the Islamic State. 

Since the coup the president has also mended ties with both Isreal, and Russia having recently made a state visit to the Kremlin, which is only adding to the wests insecurities. 


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