A new king

On the 13 October, 2016 King Rama IX of Thailand passed away after having reigned for some seven decades the late king was seen as a stabilizing force in a country prone to political turmoil having lived through some 20 different constitutions, and both democratic governments and military juntas. 

At 9:30pm the 13th of October the legislative assembly of Thailand held an emergency session of parliament which was expected to announce the formal ascention to the throne by Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn, except that wasn’t to be the case. 

Crown Prince Vajiralonkorn told the Prime Minister that he wished to wait as to have time to mourn with the Thai people the death of his father before being proclaimed king postponing the coronation until after the year of mourning has ended there for leaving the throne vacant with a regent acting as bridge between the crown and government.

Thai Palace law dictates that a princess may challenge the crown princes right to the throne and his younger sister is more popular and respected by the military and the people, paving the way for Thailand to potentially have a Queen the princess would need the approval of the legislative assembly before ascending to the throne and her brother will soon have to answer rather he will become king or refuse the crown and abdicate.


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