Many of you will wonder what that number represents well that number is how many people actually get to vote for the person in which they wish to be President and so long as one candidate can garner the support of 270 of these electoral votes they have secured the presidency.

The Electoral Collage the official system that elects the President and the Vice President, meaning these are the only votes that actually count when standing in the election booth about to mark your selection for these offices, male or female your voice means little.

Each state is awarded the number of Representatives in which that said state has in the House of Representatives (to remind you house seats are based of population and are reassigned every ten years once a census is conducted, CA being largest, and WY smallest in this collage.

As many of you were probably on the edge of your seats like I was on election not praying Hillary would come out on top and save us from the horrors of a trump presidency, weren’t we all shocked by the end results. But whats important about this is Hillary Clinton would have been the next president of the United States if it weren’t for these magical 538 people.

The final election results are as follows

Hilary Clinton 228 Electoral Votes and 60,467,601 votes

Donald Trump 290 Electoral Votes and 60,072,551 votes

Within the data above you can see that Hilary Clinton has the lead in the national vote having had more american’s endorse her presidency. A majority of some 395,050 people if the US were to abolish the electoral collage and implement a new system in which it’s only the popular vote that chooses who becomes President rather then leave the fate of some 320 million people in the hands of 538 people. These people are still representing us but in Congress where just because we elect one party to the white house doesn’t always mean we will end up electing that same party to both chambers of congress. This would finally allow the will of the people to be respected and if this were to be the way things were done we could simply not just get away with saying the election is rigged or unfair when we would have to listen to the will of the poeple in choosing their new leader. Tomorrow I will begin lobbying the state legislature to make Nebraska the first state in the country to abolish its seats in the electoral college in favor of our leader being chose by all American’s not just a select few.


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