The Aftermath!

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Around a dozen or so lawmakers have filled a motion of impeachment against French President Francois Hollande, alleging the socialist president of disclosing classified information to a group of journalist published in recently released tell all book that has made the presidents chance of reelection very slim.

Opposition MP’s have forwarded the motion to the government for its consideration. The impeachment proceedings are facing a number of hurdles before actually being carried out. The motion of impeachment was signed by 79 law makers from the Republicans Party. But is said to have the support of 152 of its members of parliament.

Article 68 of the French Constitution states that ” the president may not be removed from office except for a breach of his duties patently incompatible with his continuing in office.”

Impeachment can only be achieved by a two thirds majority of both the Assembly and the Senate by secret ballot, in a special sitting where parliament acts as the high court. Mr. Hollande’s Socialist party controls 51% of seats in the Assembly, and 37% of seats in the Senate. The proposal must be approved by France’s committee on laws before it reaches parliament.

Upcoming Presidential Election.

The book at the center of this controversy “A President Should Not Say That” is a record of dozens of private conversations with two journalist with two journalist, collected over several years.

It includes Mr. Hollande’s comments on Syrian air strikes, and the admission he personally ordered the assassination of four enemies of the state, among several other controversial statements. The publishing of the book is seen as political suicide ahead of the National Elections in April 2017.

In a recent poll, 78% of respondents said it was a mistake for the president to have given the interviews, and 86% said they did not want the president to run for a second term.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has stated his intentions to run for the presidency once again, after having lost to President Hollande in the 2012 elections. In order to do so Mr. Sarkozy must win a Republicans primary election this month, which many say former Prime Minister Alain Juppe will end up securing.

The President has not yet said rather he will run for a second term after the revelations within the book have considerably damaged his political carrier and his chances to possibly serving another term which from where I sit doesn’t look likely to happen.


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